Attend our special Welcome Dinner event and delight yourself with a variety of exotic and not-so exotic grilled meats at one of Nairobi’s most famous restaurants.

Then, we'll go a bit of club hopping in Nairobi’s popular Westlands nightlife district.

Now, it's time to hit up your second country in this once-in-a-lifetime bucket list adventure as we set off for Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Upon arrival in Zanzibar, we will be warmly welcomed and whisked away to our beachside resort, where we will have the chance to relax and soak up the tropical sun. But before we get fully immersed in the tranquil atmosphere of our resort, we will make a few cultural stops along the way.

Set out for a day of island hopping around Zanzibar’s crystal blue waters.

You’ll ride in a traditional Dhow boat, visit a sandbar that gradually disappears as the day goes on, take a dip in a natural swimming pool (mangrove)... and finally make your way to a private island where a seafood feast awaits.

We’ll be on a quest to see almost the entire cast from The Lion King as we go on an early morning Game Drive. Then visit a Hippo Lodge and chat with real Maasai warriors.

Enjoy a sumptuous dinner prepared by our chefs, followed by a lively late night bonfire.

We'll go on a road trip from Nairobi to the Maasai Mara where we'll stay in a lovely safari lodge, then enjoy a late afternoon game drive.

Let the mystery of the Maasai Mara lure you in with a cozy Bush Dinner complete with a surprise performance.

It’s time to head back to Nairobi for an up close and personal interaction with giraffes and we'll get to feed them.

We'll then have a bit of free time where you'll have the opportunity to explore more of Nairobi or maybe do some shopping.

Then, since it'll be our last night in Kenya, we'll gather in the evening for some exquisite cuisine and nightlife if you're feeling it.

During the day, take some free time to enjoy the beautiful crystal blue waters of Zanzibar... but by sunset, be prepared to be mesmerized on a special local cruise.

It’s Black Travel Fest tradition to do it big for Halloween with a themed event. And this year’s celebration happens to coincide with one of the largest full moon parties in the world that just happens to take place in Zanzibar each month. We’ll be in full attendance.

A day of fun in the sun and the infamous turtle sanctuary? Yes, please. Today, you’ll enjoy free time and a bit of up close interaction with the friendly giant turtles of Zanzibar.

By evening, you’re in for a very special BTF-style farewell experience to bid your new BTF travel fam goodbye. Be prepared to dress up in your favorite digs.

What will we get up to?

Day 1

october 22








Day 5

Day 7

Day 3

Day 2

Day 6

Day 8

Day 4

Last day of this experience... but the memories we will make from this trip will surely last a lifetime.

We'll say goodbye to the amazing experiences, great people, and beautiful places we have encountered during our journey.

It’s time to head back to the airport, family. ♥

october 30

Day 9

be part of this bucket list trip!

Black Travel Fest Kenya + Zanzibar

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Ready to live your best life while reconnecting with our African roots across 2 countries?

(october 22 to 30)

This 8-day bucket list adventure in Kenya and Zanzibar is filled with all of those iconic experiences you’ve been dreaming of. Think cultural exploration, your safari dream come true, mouth-watering meals, crystal blue waters, night time turn ups all with a group of high vibe like minded travelers.

Here's a quick view of your authentic accommodations...

maasai mara: safari lodge

maasai mara: safari lodge

maasai mara: safari lodge

maasai mara: safari lodge

maasai mara: safari lodge

maasai mara: safari lodge

zanzibar: beach resort

zanzibar: beach resort

zanzibar: beach resort

zanzibar: beach resort

zanzibar: beach resort

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Black Travel Fest Trip Attended:

Black Travel Fest Trips Attended:

Kenya 2022

Kenya - Zanzibar 2019

Need help with flights?

Our flight concierge is included in your package!

Our certified travel agent will assist you in finding the cost effective and time efficient flight on your behalf for this experience. This means you have one less thing to worry about. Once you book, you’ll be connected with our agent via email.

Just note the international flight is NOT included, but the legwork of choosing the best flight is included.

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Dates: October 22nd to 30th

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If you want to just pay $400 today, we have that option too! Click the button above.

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Why choose this bucket list experience?   

This is one of the most unique experiences that Black Travel Fest offers because you get...

All in one trip!

Oh, and don’t forget all of the mouthwatering Zanzibar seafood and flavorful Kenyan cuisine.

CITY life and turn up,

the safari,

and an epic beach experience...

Grab your spot now!

What do our Past Guests have to say?

This experience is for you if:

...YOU love to turn up and are the life of the party

...YOU love enjoying local foods and meeting local people

...YOU are ready to grow your travel fam with like-minded travelers

...YOU have stamina to explore during the day and party at night, then do it all over again

We’d absolutely love to have you! But, if your ideal vacation involves a lot of relaxation on the beach daily and sleeping in this experience is not for you. Although, we will be seeing and doing it all during our time in Kenya and Zanzibar, so if you are looking for a slow paced trip this is likely not your jam.


A little bit more about BTF...

We want you to have an easeful and pleasant time that’s why we have...

To make sure you are photo ready and appropriately dressed for each day and activity without the overwhelm and overthinking that comes with “what should I wear?"

wardrobe guide

To make sure you have safe and reliable transport to your accommodations when first arriving in a new foreign environment, without the hassle of worrying about currency or being ripped off.

Airport pick up

To remove the hassle and guess work around how you’ll arrive to all of the fabulous activities we have planned for you.


 Eliminate the stress of booking additional logistics associated with the experience.

ken-znz flight

So you don’t have to think about what or where to eat early in the morning. After all, most of the brain power will be used up on what to wear today.


So you get a good flavor for the local cuisine and don’t miss out on the best dishes the country has to offer. Keeping in mind your unique dietary restrictions to make sure you can still enjoy your meals even if you have a lot of requirements.


To make sure you get to stay in places that meet our strict standards and help you avoid any negative surprises.


Specially curated so you get to experience all of the iconic offerings of the country while also getting to delve into the off the beaten path experiences that many tourists don’t get to experience and wouldn’t even know about. 


To keep you on track, set the vibe, promote your safety, and answer your questions along the way.

BTF Host

So you have the opportunity to really understand the intricacies of the local culture and help navigate this new exciting environment.

Local Tour Guide

So you don’t have to stress about pulling together all of your financial resources to make one big payment.

Payment plans

To remove the hassle of figuring out who will travel with you.

Roommate Matching Program

To make sure you have the most beautiful shots capturing the endless breathtaking moments you’ll experience.

Professional Photography

So you have the opportunity to connect with other awesome professionals and make new friends even if you’re traveling solo.

Tribe of friendly travelers

- Welcome event
- Safari excursion
- Visit to Maasai Village to meet the Maasai warriors
- Hippo excursion
- Nightlife in Nairobi
- Giraffe Center visit
- Day of Island Hopping in Zanzibar
- Snorkeling in Zanzibar
- Full Moon Party
- Sunset cruise in Zanzibar
- Visit to Natural Turtle Sanctuary in Zanzibar
- Farewell event

You can look forward to activities...

Grab your spot now!


Getting there

Q: Are flights included in the price?

Q: is there someone that can help me book my flight?

Q: is there a specific airline recommended?

Q: what if my flight arrives a day early?

Q: what is the name of the airport we are flying in to?

Q: what if i pay for the trip and can no longer attend?

Q: is transfer included to and from our accommodations?

Q: Which hotel should I stay in if I arrive a day early on october 21?

No, this go-round flights are NOT included in the price, but you have a Flight Concierge included in the package. Our certified travel agent will assist you in finding the cost effective and time efficient flight on your behalf for this experience. This means you have one less thing to worry about. Once you book, you’ll be connected with our agent via email.

Yes, you have a Flight Concierge included in the package. After registration, you’ll be connected with our agent via email.

If your flight has you arriving on October 21st, you can let us know your budget and we’ll recommend a reasonably priced hotel.

Airport code: NBO or Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

Kenya Airways, Emirates, and Qatar appear to have the best routes for this itinerary.

The trip is non-refundable; however, it is transferable. This means you are permitted to resell your slot to another participant, but Black Travel Fest is unable to offer a refund. We’ll do our best to assist you in finding a replacement.

Yes, airport transfers are included in the package price. Note that you will likely be transported to the hotel with other participants, which may require you to wait for up to an hour after landing.

Please email our team directly at to get our most up to date recommendations.

Cancellation and Transferability


Q: what is the policy for name changes should i need to transfer my reservation?

Q: what if the travel to kenya/zanzibar is impossible at the time of the event due to a pandemic or other large scale travel disruption?

All payments are non-refundable, but may be transferred to another traveler for a fee of $75. Trip insurance can help if you have a need to cancel unexpectedly.

If you have questions regarding trip insurance coverage, please contact Cici Chandler, travel agent with Mahogany Fly International ( If you live outside of the United States, please contact your local travel agent to purchase travel insurance for the festival.

Name changes are permitted for $75 per person. Name changes are NOT permitted for Roomie Matching Program. Name changes can only be made with people not currently booked for the event. The person taking your place needs to register with a staff member at Amola Enterprises, LLC and provide their credit card information. You must work out the money already paid between yourselves. The person taking your place pays the remaining balance to Amola Enterprises, LLC.

Name changes can be completed up to 2 weeks prior to the event. No name changes will be made after the deadline.

Please see the Terms and Conditions for additional information regarding name changes and transferability.

Should travel to the destination become impossible, the trip will be rescheduled to a date 6 to 12 months in the future. For example, if the trip is scheduled for October 2023 it may be rescheduled to September 2024.

Meet some of our Past Attendees



Black Travel Fest Trip Attended:

Black Travel Fest Trips Attended:

Bali 2018, Morocco 2019 & Kenya 2019

Bali 2018, Morocco 2019 & Zanzibar 2021

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