Feel free to arrive at any time, as this is scheduled as a downtime type of travel day. Many flights will arrive late evening, so don’t worry, you won’t be missing out on anything regardless of when you land.

You’re encouraged to settle in and simply rest, because come tomorrow, the whirlwind of magic begins.

Important note: You spoke, and we listened, so this year, we’re giving you the unique opportunity to make your flight purchase go further by hopping from Egypt to Santorini. You can join us for only 7 days in Cairo, Aswan, and Luxor OR stay for the entire 11 days and head to Santorini for a magical yet action packed beachside turn up.

Your day will start with a lovely breakfast, then head off to check in to your Nile cruise.

Later in the day, make sure you’re ready to reconnect with your Nubian roots, as you’ll have the opportunity to ride a Felucca on the Nile to arrive at an authentic Nubian village where you’ll meet and dine with the original kings and queens of Egypt.

In the evening, we’ll kickback at the cruise bar and simply connect.

Today is a day of luxury, adventure, and turn up, so be sure to grab your favorite swimsuit and get ready to stunt as we live the highlife.

By evening, we’re headed to Santorini’s top Hip Hop and R&B Festival that brings in black folks from all over Europe and the world. Get ready for a good goodt time.

Ready for part 2 of an epic Santorini experience? That’s live the soft life as we take to the sea for a sun-kissed excursion.

By evening, we’re turning up at the Supa Dupa fly festival yet again.

That’s all she wrote, as we’ll be making our way back to Cairo, where you’ll catch your departing flight.

(Note on flights: Aim for a late evening flight, so you can soak up every last moment. You’ll want a round trip flight from the US to Cairo and a round trip flight from Cairo to Santorini.)

This itinerary is sold in two parts, so you have the choice of whether...

to attend the entire experience including Santorini OR leave after we finish experiencing the Nile Cruise.

Start your morning with a visit to Temple of Hatshepsut, a monument erected in honor of the Queen Hatshepsut, the longest reigning female pharaoh in Ancient Egypt.

Then, walk through the Valley of the Kings where you’ll see a variety of tombs for the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.

Today is the moment you’ve been waiting for, as we’re headed to the Great Pyramids of Giza, complete with a visit to the Sphinx.

By evening you’ll be checking into a lovely Nubian resort in Aswan in preparation to set sail on the Nile River the following day.

Shopping anyone? Today, you’re headed to a fun-filled and educational shopping experience as we visit the Khan el Khalili Bazaar, and a local perfumery where you’ll learn about Egypt’s rich history with essential oils.

Later, you’ll check in to your 5-star accommodations, and head to a lovely dinner cruise by evening.

Did someone say FREE day?

Oh yes, today, you’re free to live the soft life as you soak up the luxury of your 5 star digs.

Just be sure to arrive on time for an extra special BTF style dining experience come evening time.

Today, we’ll continue our phenomenal Nile River Cruise.

Marvel at the massive iconic monuments of Luxor and Karnak Temples to get a sight of the architectural genius of the Ancient Egyptians, and see three of the five remaining obelisks still in Egypt.

Domestic Flight Day

Option A
- This is the end of the road and you bid your newest travel fam farewell as you depart for your return back home by catching your flight back to Cairo.

Option B - You keep the momentum going and as we whisk away to Santorini. (Please note, you will need to book a flight from Cairo to Santorini.)

What will we get up to?

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Black Travel Fest Egypt 2023 + Santorini

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Ready for your ultimate bucket list experience? Why not hit Egypt and Santorini in one go?

(MAY 18th to 28TH)

This 11-day, 10-night split-itinerary gives you the opportunity to experience the full Majesty of Egypt, while getting a little taste of the soft life in Santorini. If you choose to join for the entire event, you’ll have the chance to discover the Pyramids of Giza, explore the many temples and monuments of Ancient Egypt as you sail the Nile River, and turn up at the Supa Dupa Fly Hip Hop and R&B festival in Santorini.

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Black Travel Fest Trips Attended:

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3-month Payment Plan

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Note: If you're interested in joining the Full Experience (Egypt + Santorini Add-on), please use the same button below for check out.

Also, please take note that the Santorini Add-on for BTF Egypt 2023 is DIFFERENT from BTF Santorini 2023.

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Why Egypt?

Egypt is truly a unique destination for Black Travel Fest because you get...

to completely take a step back in time

and see the greatness

that we are descended from.

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I’m ready for this egypt adventure

This experience is for you if:

...YOU love to turn up and are the life of the party

...YOU love enjoying local food

...YOU are ready to grow your travel fam with like-minded travelers

...YOU don’t mind being in a vehicle for long stretches (3 days include up to 6 hours of driving time)

...YOU have stamina to explore during the day and party at night, then do it all over again

We’d absolutely love to have you! But, if your ideal vacation involves a lot of relaxation at the hotel daily and sleeping in this experience is not for you. We will be seeing and doing it all during our time in Egypt, so if you are looking for a slow paced trip this is likely not for you.


A quick glimpse of the experience

Santorini’s top Hip Hop and R&B Festival

Cancellation and Transferability

Q: what if i get sick and can't make it? Can i get my money back?

Q: what is the policy for name changes should i need to transfer my reservation?

Q: what if the travel to egypt is impossible at the time of the event due to a pandemic or other large scale travel disruption?

All payments are non-refundable, but may be transferred to another traveler for a fee of $75. Trip insurance can help if you have a need to cancel unexpectedly.

If you have questions regarding trip insurance coverage, please contact Cici Chandler, travel agent with Mahogany Fly International (onyxtravel@misscicibaby.com). If you live outside of the United States, please contact your local travel agent to purchase travel insurance for the festival.

Name changes are permitted for $75 per person. Name Changes are NOT permitted for Roomie Matching Program. Name changes can only be made with people not currently booked for the event. The person taking your place needs to register with a staff member at Amola Enterprises, LLC and provide their credit card information. You must work out the money already paid between yourselves. The person taking your place pays the remaining balance to Amola Enterprises, LLC.

Name changes can be completed up to 2 weeks prior to the event. No name changes will be made after the deadline.

Please see the Terms and Conditions for additional information regarding name changes and transferability.

Should travel to the destination become impossible, the trip will be rescheduled to a date 6 to 12 months in the future. For example, if the trip is scheduled for May 2023 it may be rescheduled to April 2024.

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